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Use our expertise to help you assess, design, and implement technology solutions on time and within budget.

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Data Backup

ITPROSERV offers a comprehensive Backup & Disaster Recovery solution for your Servers and Critical Data. Providing you secure enterprise class business continuity without the enterprise class price!

Protecting your information while keeping downtime to a minimum

Our Backup Solution replicates your sensitive data as often as every 15 minutes. You can backup your data to a local BDR, and offsite locations. Contact us today to learn more and get the peace of mind that your data is protected and always available.

Network Attached Storage can be used to replace management intensive, error prone tape backups, while providing much more:

  • Very frequent backups (as often as every 15 minutes) with an onsite NAS Device
  • Optional off-site data storage
  • The ability to rapidly restore downed servers
  • Advanced restoration options (file- and folder-levels) with Exchange message and mailbox recovery
  • Bare-metal restorations to dissimilar hardware
  • Low cost 

Tape versus NAS

Tape backup is very common, but it's far from being the ideal backup and recovery solution. There are potential issues with many backup strategies, but assuming all goes well with a tape backup solution, how does it compare with a NAS appliance?

NAS Vs. Tape


What happens if your server crashes?

Now let's look at how our solution keeps your business running:  For instance, if an e-mail server goes down. Because the device takes snap shots every 15 minutes, engineers can choose a point in time shortly before the problem occurred, and very quickly the appliance allows you to activate it as a virtual server - keeping business processes running while a diagnosis of the problem and a course of action for the down email server happen.

If a diagnosis results in identifying a catastrophic server failure, our solution can utilize an included boot CD that allows for the performance of a bare metal restore on new hardware in a fraction of the time of a typical server rebuild. This restoration process eliminates the hardware abstraction layer during the restore process so that the new drivers can be loaded on the server replacement, no matter which server brand is used - giving you speedy recovery options in times of crisis.

Off-Site Storage Facility

For additional protection in the event of a complete disaster, and similar to off-site tape rotation, your data can be securely transferred to a co-location facility. In the event of a total site loss, your data will still be available, providing you several options for recovery: including the provisioning a new NAS containing your data to be shipped on the next business day of declaring a disaster, or providing your organization remote access to the co-location facility with your environment and data hosted virtually as recovery takes place back home.

Find out more

Contact us, and let us learn how we can help you.


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Virtualization is a term used in the computer industry to describe how multiple operating systems simultaneously run and provide applications on a single physical computer. Most line of business software applications require that a dedicated computer be provisioned and assigned to serving that single line of business application. The down side to that strategy is the wasted resource that you were forced to invest in when you find that utilization is low on a particular computer. This is a common problem that businesses experience today.

Why should my company virtualize?

Why do companies virtualize? Simply, to do more with less. By virtualizing your IT environment, you begin to cut costs while increasing the utilization and efficiency of your business assets. 

Pool infrastructure resources by consolidating and preventing server sprawl. Cut hardware and operating costs in half, and save money on power and cooling costs. Reduce downtime by taking advantage of built in business continuity and disaster recovery technology and automate your disaster recovery plan. 

The top Fortune 500 Companies virtualize.

Contact us to find out how we can help your organization benefit from this proven technology.


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Voice over IP

Is your current telephone solution expensive and out of date? Are you looking for a solution with mobility and flexibility? Would you like a unified messaging solution where your voice mail is visible from your email?

If you answered yes to any of those questions contact us and let us help you get the solution you need.

Voice over IP solutions provide scalable architecture to organizations with the flexibility to span and eliminate long distance charges between their multiple locations. Savings can vary, but generally, organizations see savings between 30% to 50%, and sometimes more on their traditional phone bills.

With Voice over IP, you can enjoy the flexibility of specialized business applications like Call Center Integration, CRM Integration, Unified Messaging, and more. With remote access to your network, you can take calls directly on your computer, or deploy phones to remote teleworkers.

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Network Design

Are you expanding or moving to new offices? Does your computer network appear slow at times? Let us help you determine the optimal network infrastructure to support your business needs.

From remote access, to wireless, to wide area networking, leverage our experts to help you meet your network design goals.

Contact us to learn more.


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